The 5Cs Data Visualisation System

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Learn the system I use to design effective graphs that tell stories and become a master communicator.

Do you want to:

  • Get congratulated every time you give a presentation?
  • Build a reputation for being a great communicator?
  • Achieve the kind of visibility at work that invites opportunity? (think: promotions & payrises)

I'm sharing my data visualisation system, that did exactly that for me.

If you're like I was, you need to visualise and present data regularly, yet you don't know how to do so effectively.

(Or worse: you've never even thought about it before!)

It's funny that we spend so much time thinking about the words we speak & write in presentations and reports.

Painstaking effort spent editing each sentance for maximum impact...

...yet we settle for the default chart settings, leaving most of the impact behind.

The old cliché says a picture is worth a thousand words and done right, effective data visualisation tells powerful stories.

Get it right? You'll be recognised as a great communicator, making it easy to get your proposals, projects and models approved.

Get it wrong? You'll confuse and alienate your audience, who'll ignore (or reject!) what you're presenting.

The 5Cs Data Visualisation system teaches you visual design and design psychology, and a proven system for applying them. This system has been the most valuable tool in my entire career.

If you want to:

  • Learn how to capture your audience's interest immediately
  • Understand the 2 clever design principles that let you literally direct your audience's attention
  • Uncover the psychology behind easily understood graphs - and see what makes a bad graph
  • Get a tried-and-tested way to build effective data visualisations quickly, without spending hours worrying about design choices
  • Become confident presenting data, building your reputation at work as a masterful communicator
  • Learn 4 evolutions of data storytelling and when to deploy each
  • Consistently get across the 'last mile' hurdle, becoming a trusted, influential and successful data professional

Then the 5Cs Data Visualisation System is for you.

What my students say:

Who am I?

Early in my career I used to find it hard to design effective data visualisations because I didn't understand good design.

I read every book I could find and took courses on the topic. What did I learn?

Most dataviz courses don't break design down into actionable steps for you to follow.

They just show you the principles that underpin good visual design, without a roadmap to implementing them.

So I designed my own framework that systemises the entire design process, which I call the 5Cs data visualisation system. The output?

Effective data visualisations that maximise your ability to present your findings, help to get projects over the line, and be recognised for your success.

I became so effective at presenting data that I was promoted twice, becoming responsible for briefing senior UK and US government officials (including the UK Home Secretary and the Minister of State for Security and Economic Crime) to influence decisions and government policy.

Up until now, I've only shared this system with colleagues, friends, in university lectures and private workshops. Now I've condensed it into an accessible course.

You'll get access to:

13 lessons, including a bonus lesson on Data Storytelling

134 minutes of video

209 page reference PDF (contains the everything from my speech in the videos, written out if you can't watch the videos)

5Cs system blank template to make notes for your own visualisation projects

Course agenda:

Lesson 1: Introduction (13:46)

Lesson 2: Encoding data visually (16:48)

Lesson 3: Pre-attentive attributes (4:53)

Lesson 4: Gestalt principles of design (10:50)

Lesson 5: Cognitive load and visual hierarchy (7:25)

Lesson 6 (BONUS LESSON): Data storytelling (12:35)

Lesson 7: Introduction to the 5Cs system (3:21)

Lesson 8: Chart type (19:32)

Lesson 9: Clarity (10:04)

Lesson 10: Colour (8:26)

Lesson 11: Clutter (6:05)

Lesson 12: Context (10:38)

Lesson 13: Using the 5Cs system (9:22)


Who is this course for?

Anybody who regularly creates graphs and charts as part of their work, including data scientists, data analysts, business analysts, finance analysts, project managers and HR professionals.

What am I going to learn?

I cover the principles of visual design and design psychology that those other courses do, but then I introduce a system for applying them to produce effective data visualisations. I define effective graphs as those that optimise for 'time to comprehension' and are unlikely to be misinterpreted. This course isn't for you if you're interested in infographics or obscure chart types. 

What do I need to know before starting this course?

I teach the design principles needed to create truly effective visualisations, not the software. You should know how to create graphs in a tool of your choice, such as Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, matplotlib, ggplot 2 etc.

What's the price?

£10. You'll get lifetime access, and I want to add more content based on your feedback. 

Because you get immediate access to all resources, there are no refunds. If you're unsure, I'd recommend thinking it over to ensure this is right for you.

Why is it so cheap? Other dataviz courses I've seen run from £499 up to £1999?!

I honestly believe in making these skills available to as many people as possible. Data visualisation is a crucial communication skill, and you only need to look at how badly the media got it reporting on the pandemic to see it's desperately in demand. High courses prices are a barrier to people who could really benefit from this content. My hope is you'll enjoy this course, and spread the word to others.

I don't own any professional recording equipment or fancy editing software. If you're wanting a course with the fancy production values that demand a big price tag, this isn't for you. I'm just filming on my webcam to get my experience and knowledge to you.

When should I expect to see benefits?

You need to implement this system in real life, practice, and improve over time. You won't get better overnight - but I honestly believe this system is one of the fastest routes to producing effective data visualisations.

What do I do next?

Click the 'buy this' button and get started.

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You'll get access to:

13 lessons including bonus Data Storytelling lesson
2 hours 14 minutes of video
209 page reference guide
5Cs system template (Google Sheet)
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The 5Cs Data Visualisation System

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